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As each skin is unique our qualified skin treatment therapist will give you a diagnosis of your skin and create a personalised homecare programme.

Deluxe Facial Treatments

Choose from the following range of deluxe facials that includes a specialised modulant masque suited to your skins requirements.

60 minutes $95.00

Vitamin Booster Facial Treatment

For dull, lack lustre and all skin types

This facial is a multi-tasking must-have for all skin types. It promotes a firmer, plumper appearance and restores calmness and clarity. Promotes cell reproduction and a glowing complexity with Vitamin A, increases hydration and balance with Vitamin B and lightening and brightening of the skin with Vitamin C.

Hydration Facial Treatment

For dry, dehydrated and all skin types

Reduces the effects of dehydrated skin such as dryness, scaliness and flakiness. Dehydration of the skin is a common occurrence and happens across a range of skin types. Basically, it means that there is insufficient moisture content within the cellular system. This facial provides a luxurious hydration boost to the skin and a “feel good factor” to the soul.

Calming Facial Treatment

For stressed, sensitive or irritated skin

This facial soothes the skin that is sensitive and easily irritated. Skin conditions such as Rosacea and Eczema, and skin suffering from inflammation, redness and damage require strengthening, rebalancing and healing. This treatment aids the restoration of the skins resilience, reducing sensitivity to products and environmental stressors, improves skin texture, soothes redness and reduces irritation.

Petite Facial Treatment

For those on the go!

Designed for people with limited time, the petite facial will cleanse, tone, hydrate, stimulate and revitalise your skin. Plus enjoy some “you time” with a neck and shoulder massage included.

30 minutes $65.00