Wedding Guide
6 months
  • Plan your look – how are your eyebrows? Start training them to the shape that suits your face. Grow out over tweezed eyebrows.
  • Start getting your skin into picture-perfect condition. Make sure you have a skin consultation to determine what skin care regime is best for you and stick with it!
  • Book in for your first facial and manicure – especially if you wish to have natural nails on the day and not acrylic nails.
  • Start using a body exfoliant on your skin and begin waxing your legs on a regular basis to minimise regrowth.
4 months
  • Have another facial and manicure.
  • Book your hair stylist and make-up artist. Use reliable people you can trust, who are not going to let you down on the day.
3 months
  • Have a manicure and start your home care with regular use of hand cream and cuticle oil. As your hands and nails will be in the spotlight, you need to make sure they are looking good.
  • Have another facial.
2 months
  • Start booking in for your sunbed tanning sessions. 3-4 times a week is sufficient until you reach your desired colour and then once a week after that to maintain the colour.or
  • Trial run a spray on tan making sure that you are happy with the application, colour and smell.
  • Pre-book your pamperpackages for you and/or your bridal party. These can be very relaxing and alot of fun.
6 weeks to 1 month
  • You should have had a hair and make up trial by this point so that everybody is creating the look you want.
  • Choose your nail colours for both your feet and hands – lighter nail colours generally look better for longer.

1 week

  • Have all your necessary waxing done and maybe a nice relaxing massage to make up for the waxing pain and reduce your stress levels.
  • Do a full body exfoliation and apply a rich and intensive body moisturiser.
  • Have your fake body tan applied either by yourself or professionally if you chose not to use a sunbed.
  • Get those eyebrows and eyelashes tinted – a must have if you think you might cry!
  • Make sure you have your chosen lipstick and the correct pressed powder colour for your skin – you will need these for touch ups on the day.

1 day to go

  • Have your final manicure and pedicure.
  • Have a relaxation massage and go to bed early.

On the day

  • When having your hair or make up done remember to wear a top that does not have to be taken off over your head.
  • Finally and most importantly, relax, enjoy this very special day and smile – your marrying the love of your life!


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